Hadleigh sits in the heart of glorious South Suffolk, an area recognised as having some of Britain’s best kept natural beauty and heritage.

From the 14th to 17th century, the woollen-cloth industry made Hadleigh prosperous. Today, this small town gently displays its distinctly unspoilt history, having carefully preserved so much of its much loved past. With 250 listed buildings, there is plenty to see.

The town’s backbone is the High Street with an eclectic mix of shops, services, restaurants, cafés and pubs.

The arms were officially granted on February 18, 1618 and continued by the district and town councils. The woolpacks and Paschal lamb are emblems of the importance of the woollen cloth production in the borough.

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Town sign

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Andrews Quality Butchers
74 High Street, Hadleigh, IP7 5EF
Tel: 01473 827720
Website: andrewshadleigh.co.uk

MW Partridges & Co
60 High Street, Hadleigh, IP7 5EE
Tel: 01473 822333
Website: partridgeshadleigh.co.uk

Bromley & Fitch
50 High Street, Hadleigh, IP7 5AL
Tel: 01473 829339
Website: bromleyandfitch.com

Hall Street
99 High Street, Hadleigh, IP7 5EJ
Tel: 01473 822554
Website: hall-street.co.uk

The Gables B&B
108-110 High Street, Hadleigh, IP7 5EL
Tel: 01473 828126
Website: thegableshadleigh.co.uk

The Pedal House
55 High Street, Hadleigh, IP7 5AB
Tel: 01473 828129
Website: thepedalhouse.co.uk