The Wool Towns Advent – December 18

Harris & Harris Books | Clare

Welcome to The Wool Towns Advent – each day, between now and Christmas Eve, we will be opening the doors on one of the region’s shining stars. Oh come all ye faithful, sing in exultation!

Harris & Harris Books stocks a wide range of new and second-hand books to suit all tastes and all ages.

Kate Harris will welcome you and offer any help and advice you may require or, if you prefer, you are welcome to browse or take to the comfortable seat upstairs and have a read (or a snooze) amongst the thousands of books and interesting oddities that furnish the shop.

“This is a wonderful bookshop with a really friendly and extremely knowledgeable proprietor and staff. Great care is taken in the selection of the books they stock and helpful advice is on hand for those in need. If purchasing books as a gift they are even wrapped with flair and care – all part of the service. I love my visits as there are always delicious new discoveries to be made.”

Harris & Harris Books
7b High Street, Clare, CO10 8NY
Telephone 01787 277267