The Wool Towns Advent – December 16

The Rug & Carpet Studio | Long Melford

Welcome to The Wool Towns Advent – each day, between now and Christmas Eve, we will be opening the doors on one of the region’s shining stars. Oh come all ye faithful, sing in exultation!

The Rug and Carpet Studio are enthralled by the enchanting beauty of handmade rugs and carpets, and aim to share their enthusiasm for the subject with their customers.

They want you to enjoy and understand the extraordinary craftsmanship involved in every aspect of rug making and look with wonder for years to come at the work of art adorning your home.

From visiting nomadic tents in the Zagros mountains of southern Iran to cold, dusty lock-ups in the heart of Peterborough, and all manner of warehouses and bazaars in between, they search relentlessly for the best possible stock.

The Rug & Carpet Studio’s skilled, in-house restoration and conservation team has rescued from neglect beautiful rugs discovered in the grandest of stately homes and the humblest of country cottages and brought them back to life.

The creativity of the weavers is infectious, and our design team is also able to create beautiful rugs and carpets for you, all inspired by the same principles of this traditional art form but with a contemporary twist to suit all locations.

The Rug & Carpet Studio, The Old White Hart, Long Melford, CO10 9HX
Telephone 01787 882214