The Wool Towns Advent – December 13

Maison de Clements | Clare

Welcome to The Wool Towns Advent – each day, between now and Christmas Eve, we will be opening the doors on one of the region’s shining stars. Oh come all ye faithful, sing in exultation!

Linda, the curator at Maison de Clements, has an eye for detail and has been collecting and trading in unique antiques and reclaimed homeware items for over 15 years. Linda loves helping people to find exactly what they are looking for and you will always find many interesting and quirky antiques in-store – there is something for everyone and stock is changing all the time.

The vast majority of items are antique or vintage, which means they are original, old and well-loved. Sometimes Linda chooses to restore an item to breath new life or purpose into it, but more often than not, because with age comes beauty, you will find a piece exactly as she did – much loved and well used, ready for a new life.

Linda sources her vintage and antique stock from all over the UK and France, to bring you a unique and timeless, ever-changing collection. She always stocks a wide range of rare and beautiful stoneware, ceramics and enamel items. Authentic and classic with affordable price tags.

Upstairs you will find collectables and brocante – a wide range of antique signage, tools, and storage boxes amongst the collectables, vintage fabrics and architectural salvage.

Maison de Clements
Market Hill, Clare, CO10 8NN
Telephone 07950 767674