Why we signed up to the Wool Towns

Community leaders from across the Wool Towns reveal why they were so keen to get involved….

Clare by Phil Grice

“We are five wool towns that still have medieval hearts to them. We all share that common central history where we expanded in the Medieval period. We believe the Wool Towns localities is an area for people to enjoy a short stay and enjoy all that each town has to offer.


There are a variety of things to do in Clare, Hadleigh, Lavenham, Long Melford and Sudbury. From Clare’s point of view, we feel that by joining together, it will improve the tourism offer to our town.


We are already putting together a number of plans to attract more tourists to the town and the Wool Towns venture is a great example of this.”

Hadleigh by Jane Snowden

“The Wool Towns gives us an opportunity to collaborate on joint initiatives and create a branding that will promote us all.


We feel there is an attractive offer for people to explore all the Wool Towns. Each is different, whilst having the common heritage of prospering because of the cloth trade.


This gives us an opportunity to work together, plan ahead and co-operate on ideas going forward.


It’s a great chance to really put Hadleigh in the spotlight and show people what interesting things they can discover about the town.”

Lavenham by Roy Whitworth

“The Wool Towns have all got a particular cachet to them that has been underexploited until now. The area is full of nice B&Bs, pubs and restaurants surrounded by some wonderful countryside full of walks and footpaths and of course wonderful old buildings. We would suggest the Wool Towns are more than just a collection of individual villages. Together, they make the ideal destination for a short break or holiday.


Each of the five towns and villages have their own characteristics, whether it is the country homes of Long Melford or the historic traditions of Lavenham. They all have something different to offer while sharing a common heritage – the Wool Towns.”

David Martin – Long Melford

“The picture in Long Melford is very similar to that of Lavenham. We are an attractive location in the heart of rural Suffolk where the visiting economy is very important.


But visitor numbers are skewed towards the summer months while we are looking to attract people all year round. 


Statistics show that we have more day visitors than overnight stays, but we have a lot to offer throughout the year.


There is a tremendous synergy between the five communities. In Long Melford, we feel we have enough to keep people visiting and then staying, especially when you combine the attraction of all the Wool Towns.”